What is Included

Beyond Divorce Recovery and Empowerment Facilitator Training (BDREF) is a turn-key program with four basic components. Life By Design Coaching (LBD) will provide you with high level training over a 4-month period with the following components:

  • One month of Marketing and Preparatory sessions (online video and handouts and 4 live calls with Bethany)
  • Two and one-half months of Training sessions (online video and handouts and 10 live calls with Bethany)
  • Two weeks of post-class debriefs and follow up (2 calls)
  • At LBD’s discretion, additional topic calls may be offered during the 4-month training at no additional charge.
  • At LBD’s discretion, monthly check in calls may be offered after completion of the 4-month training at no additional charge.


Marketing Materials:
  • Customizable brochure. LBD is glad to review and provide feedback.
  • Two sample letters to attorneys, one with a discount coupon for their clients, one without.
  • Where and How to Find Participants handout
  • Where and how to find inexpensive administrative assistant help
Class Materials:
  • Five Beyond Divorce Recovery and Empowerment textbooks.
  • Facilitator Guide (Receive Word formats for customizing when training completes and fees are paid.)
  • Student Toolkit/syllabus (Receive Word formats for customizing when training completes and fees are paid.)
  • One 30-minute 1-1 coaching session with Bethany per month.
  • Required and Suggested Reading List.
Preparatory Calls:
  • Marketing help: filling classes, how to approach professionals, setting up referral sources
  • What it means to be a facilitator: a respected role. Speaking 101. Being comfortably in charge
  • Organizing your program: finding a location, registration, payments and payment plans, supplies, food, etc.
  • How to screen and encourage potential participants. Ins and outs of using class assistants. Social events.
  • Managing class dynamics: shy, outspoken, tardiness, etc. Small and large group flow.
  • Preparing for Opening Night: set up, supplies, interacting with participants, registration, collecting money, Opening Night slide presentation, using the Impact of Divorce Assessment.
Training Calls:
  • Week one: pre-session training call to prepare you for lesson.
  • Post-session debrief call to discuss what went well, what you want to do differently. Q&A format.
  • Week two and following: Short post-session debrief AND prep for following week. (One call per week that covers both.)

Your Commitment

In order to maintain the integrity of the BDRE program, you agree to:

  • Attend all sessions of your BDRE facilitator training. If necessary, three sessions can be attended by recording.
  • Complete the Required Reading.
  • Prepare for and practice each session’s material prior to delivery to assure consistent quality.
  • To treat everyone you come in contact with, whether potential participant or professional, with dignity and respect.
  • To offer hope and care to the hurting people who will seek you out for solutions.