14 Days to Deep Calm

These meditations are specifically designed to address the needs of those making their way through divorce or other upheaval.

These meditations are purposely short-ish and are designed to take you out of your head, out of the overwhelming emotions of the moment, and into a new level of calm. Each meditation offers a new perspective, an alternate view point, a different way to approach all that is going on in your heart, soul, and body. They will bring you relief. Listen to them as often as you like. Starting your day with something positive can make a huge difference.

Below is a list of the titles. The titles capture a portion of what they contain but words are often limiting. You can find a lot of good meditations online, but what makes this set a little different is that they are specifically directed toward the needs of someone facing divorce and other upheavals. Yes, they include music, which is also soothing to the soul.

  • Intro and prep
  • Deep wide center within
  • Peace inside
  • Deep rhythms
  • Releasing tension through buoyancy
  • Your body knows
  • Shaking off an upset
  • Finding love in you
  • Ho’oponopona prayer
  • Tonglen
  • Put your life on pause
  • Relaxation balm
  • Expand like a balloon
  • Your box of keepsakes
  • Warm oil
  • Closing words

I hope you enjoy these meditations. If you find negative thinking, depression or overwhelm returns more quickly than you would like, let’s talk about ways to get your nervous system to settle down so you can find some peace.